PH 9.5 Moderate Alkaline Water

This water promotes general wellbeing and is perfect for healthy culinary endeavours, act as a taste enhancer. It is ideal for cooking, making coffee and tea, and preparing meals.

Preparation of food

To clean fish and veggies, use Meizu water. By pre-boiling vegetables like broccoli and onions with Meizu Water, you may enhance their flavours.

Coffee and tea

Using Meizu water to make your coffee or tea will make a lovely change in the colour, flavour, and scent.


When you use Meizu Water in your cooking, you'll be pleasantly delighted by the improved colour, taste, and perfume of your culinary creations.

Other kinds of water

More than 70% of a person's body is water. It won't be an exaggeration to state that "water is the basis of vitality and longevity." Miezu offers safe alkaline water that can be relied upon for usage in culinary, cleaning, and cosmetic applications.

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